Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to name a few are effortlessly making the headlines every week thanks to the meteoric rise in their prices. Out of sheer curiosity to learn more about these currencies and the marketplaces where they are traded, in this first of many posts, I write about using API's to collect the data you need and then to visualize it.

Below are two of the interactive plots that we'll be creating in this post. The first one plots the historical close prices of the chosen cryptocurrencies. It is interesting to see how the trends tend to roughly form groups, with Bitcoin(BTC) high up there alone while NEM(XEM) and Ripple(XRP) form groups at the lower end of the price spectrum. Also note how the trends of the prices seem to sync towards the later half of the plot. Although these are purely observations, it will be very interesting to conduct some analysis to see if they actually mean something.